Monthly Archives: March 2014

Facing Him 8

A waking thought I went to bed mildly depressed on Saturday night. Hard to put my finger on it, but it had something to do with discouragement, lack of faith. I had allowed little things to turn into big things in my emotions. Woke Sunday morning before my alarm with […]



Only God could have done this 12

Only God… Yesterday something happened that caused me to exclaim, “Only God could have done this!” But before I tell you about it, I’d like to pause and mention some of the less-than-obvious moments of my past week when I could have said exactly the same thing, though I didn’t. […]

Not quite a blog 2

I’m taking a break from writing and blogging this week. No pencil-scratching or keyboard-clacking; no word-smithing or phrase-turning for me! But I’m not taking a break from talking to my Shepherd and listening for His response. This morning, I laid my book (The One Voice That Matters) in His hands […]