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Beyond Thankful 14

Standing on this mountaintop Friends, my words cannot convey what my heart carries as I announce to you that my book, The One Voice That Matters, is  published. I’ve scrambled up the last few steps to the top of the mountain, and today I stand tall on this pinnacle, speechless. What […]



Offerings 4

Turning point This week marks a turning point in my life: After 2 1/2 years of writing my book, I am ready to release it. Twenty-eight months of brainstorming, outlining, musing, phrasing, rephrasing, receiving feedback, rewriting the whole thing twice, and working with my tireless and godly publishing team (NCC […]

God Out of Reach 6

Listening in the silence Is anyone else captivated by the fact that a little ping from a black box three miles deep in a 28-million-square-mile ocean can pinpoint a fallen jetliner? I find myself checking the news frequently to see how the search is going. And now that the black […]

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Godsends 2

Google falling short I Googled the definition of “godsend” just now. Here’s what flashed on my screen, prominent and sure: “a very helpful or valuable event, person, or thing.” Forgive me, Google, if I’m not enamored with your definition. Seems to me you’ve intentionally sucked the truth out of the […]