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Wonder 13

Sweetest sound A breezy, spring-scented day it was yesterday. A perfect day pretty much, except I was on Day 3 of the flu. I had writing to do, so I settled myself into the wicker chair on my front porch and set my expectations low. Scribbling away with my favorite pen, […]

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Helplessness 8

I don’t mind… …being helpless in some areas. Areas like: Technology. We have three remotes for our TV. Every time I try to use them, my husband has to spend a half hour undoing the damage. Noticing details. If you’d committed a crime, you’d be totally safe with me as a witness. Multitasking. I can carry on a […]

The Party Planner 6

Wading through Scripture After wading through twelve straight chapters of judgment, swift and harsh, I arrived this morning at Chapter 25 of Isaiah. It’s been a long few quiet times, trying to hear my Shepherd’s word to me amidst the terrors and the topplings of ancient kingdoms. But this morning, […]


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Give room to love 8

A word in the deluge Went for a long walk in the rain on Sunday. This was not one of those sweet little spring mists that land dewy-like on budding trees and flowers, leaving as quietly as it arrives. No, this was one of those pounding storms where delicate blossoms shake in […]