The Author (Me)

I am a sheep of my Shepherd.


I love His church.

I find my joy in worshiping Him. I am passionate about His people worshiping together as an overflow of their daily walk with Him.


I have been involved in worship ministry

my entire adult life. I play the piano and guitar, and I am trying to convince myself that I can also play the drums. I pick out creative harmonies with my voice, but you may not always want to hear them. I was our church’s worship director for nine years, and I continue to pour my heart and soul into our worship ministry.


I am married to Greg,

who also happens to be my pastor. He is my steady place, cheering me every single day. We have a daughter, two sons, and two daughters-in-law, all of whom we consider close friends and confidantes. Most recently, joy burst into our life in the form of our two grandsons, Charlie and Henry.


I am

an encourager by nature. I am a deep thinker. I am a fervent proponent of grace.


However, I am not

a natural servant. I cannot multitask either in my thinking or in my daily life. I often fail to live out the grace I would fight truth-and-nail to defend.


I am an author.

That’s a new title, actually. I’ve spent the past couple of years writing my first book, all the while spurred on by my husband’s encouragement to “spend a year and put your passion on paper.” (He was a little overly-optimistic about the speed with which I am able to write.) You can find out more about my book here.


Finally, I really like to listen.

To my family and friends when they let me hear a little piece of their heart. To thoughtful lyrics. To convicting sermons. To compelling prose. To controversial discussions (though I would rather hear an imperfect argument communicated reasonably than a stellar argument communicated bombastically). To good counsel.

More than anything, I love to listen to my Shepherd. I have allowed myself to be misdirected, misinformed, and mistaken enough times to know that His is the only voice that rings true every time. So I go for long walks with Him, pouring out my heart along the way. I absorb His Word in the early morning light. I sit over a long cup of coffee with a good friend, listening together to what He’s telling us.


And, now, I’m inviting others–you

to join me in listening to our Shepherd. As I step into this new territory, I feel both anticipatory and a little apprehensive. I don’t feel qualified to lead you, and you may not be qualified to lead me. So we will listen together to the One who is qualified to lead us all.


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