The Core Beliefs

I believe in one triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He has always existed, and He always will. Everything in all the physical and spiritual realms has been created out of His imagination and by His Word. He is perfect in love, power, and wisdom. He is holy; He is the very definition of holiness. Nothing is outside of His control, and He causes every single thing to work to the good of those who love Him.


I believe in the Father who has made man and woman in His image and invites them into relationship with Him as His children. We have minimized and marginalized Him, affronted and offended Him. We do not deserve to take a single breath, let alone be called children of the Most High. We deserve to die; yet, out of a love so profound it boggles the mind and takes our breath away, He ordained someone else–someone very dear to Him–to die in our place.


I believe in the Son who came as the one who would die on our behalf. Three days after He was crucified, He rose from the dead. Now, He lives on high, continually representing us before the Father. Anyone who believes in Him and receives Him as Savior and Lord will be adopted as God’s child.


I believe in the Holy Spirit who lives inside each of God’s children helping, teaching, reminding, empowering, guiding, and transforming them.


I believe in God’s Word, the Bible. It is inerrant, unchangeable, and life-changing. It reveals the truth about God and about ourselves. It tells the beautiful story of His plan for the world and His plan for us.


I believe in the Church, the worldwide community of believers known as the Bride of Christ. As those who are dearly loved by the Bridegroom, we are called to demonstrate His love to one another within a local body of believers. Here we will be encouraged, held accountable, and refined. From here, we will be better able to go out into our world as salt and light, reflecting our Savior’s love in a compelling way.


I believe in eternity. This world we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste is not all there is. These few decades we are given to breathe this air and walk this dirt come and go like the wisp of a breeze. Someday we who, through Christ, know God as our Father will live with Him in heaven forever. A sad truth accompanies this happy one: those who don’t know Him as their Father will live forever outside of His presence. This reality breaks my heart, but it breaks His infinitely more.


I believe the reason we exist is to worship our holy, eternal, infinite, unchanging, all-powerful, all-knowing, wise, ever-present, faithful, good, and loving God. To worship means to offer every thought, word, and action to Him out of a heart overwhelmed by His greatness and overcome with gratitude for what He has done for us.


I believe that God is our Shepherd and that His sheep can hear and know His voice. It is with this confidence that I invite you to join me in learning together what it means to listen.


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