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OVTM_front_0640Standing on this mountaintop

Friends, my words cannot convey what my heart carries as I announce to you that my book, The One Voice That Matters, is  published. I’ve scrambled up the last few steps to the top of the mountain, and today I stand tall on this pinnacle, speechless.

What I feel is not pride. It is not euphoria. It is not relief, exactly. The best way I can describe it is a deep-seated gratitude springing up from the profound knowledge that I would not have set one foot up this mountain—would not have kept climbing these 843 days—were it not for my Shepherd.

It was His voice that spoke slowly yet unmistakably, “Write this.” It was His voice that whispered, “I am here” in the moments I would have given up. It was His voice that kept silent when He knew silence was the one thing that would drive me helpless to my knees again.

I received an email from Mike Sloane of NCC Publishing (my publishers!) this weekend. It began: “Hey Jeanelle, praise God, the moment you have been waiting for is here! I have ‘pushed the  buttons’ for all the distribution channels, and your book is officially Published!” He went on to explain what that means and what we need to do next. (At the bottom of this post you can read all about that, and how you can help.)

From whom all blessings flow

With that one email, doxology began sounding from my heart. “Praise God” indeed for the blessings of:

  • publishers whose excellent work is infused with humility and hopefulness
  • family and friends who, with every single step, prayed, prodded, and propped me up
  • encouraging encounters with well-known authors and publishers that showed me I wasn’t pursuing a pipe dream
  • the opportunity to strengthen worship leaders at a couple of worship conference workshops and remember that this is what led me to write in the first place
  • words when my thoughts stalled; creativity when my well ran dry
  • the ability to worship rather than wallow in setbacks
  • mercy from my Shepherd in those times I wallowed anyway

Now what?

As I’ve shared with you before, my one prayer all along has been: “Lord, may this book encourage worship leaders and teams to persevere with a good heart so that their churches will be blessed as a result.” Now is the time for that to finally happen! I firmly believe that God will get this book into the hands of every person He wants to read it. Maybe you will be part of His plan for accomplishing that? Here are a few things you can do, if He leads you:

  • Pray:
    • that God will bring about abundant fruit from this book
    • that the Worship Leader Magazine review coming up in the July/August issue will catch a lot of people’s eyes
    • that I will stay open-handed and trust God completely for whatever results He will bring
  • Buy the book, for yourself and as many other people God leads you to buy it for:
    • Directly from NCC Publishing at Be sure to type the coupon code PCNRVUFT and save 20%. (Click “Add to Cart,” type in PCNRVUFT for the discount code; click “Apply Discount”.)
    • (print version and Kindle e-version)
    • (Nook e-version)
    • bookstore (i-Book version)
    • (e-version)
  • “Talk it up” to others (especially worship leaders and team members—it would be a great resource for whole teams to go through together. (See Book to learn more about it.)
  • Give an honest review of the book. This is super important-it’s the fastest way for the book to “gain traction.” I am hopeful that God will lead many of you to do this.
    • You can post reviews under my book title on,,,, and

And finally, please join me in praising our Shepherd for His faithfulness—to me, and to you. I love Him so much. Don’t you?

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14 thoughts on “Beyond Thankful

  • Jill Thurston

    Jeanelle, I am so excited to read your book and share it with the worship team at our church (one of which is my son, Matt). From what I have had the privilege of reading already, I know it will bless and encourage many people. So thankful for your testimony and your obedience to the Lord’s call to write this. Blessings! Jill

    • Jeanelle Reider Post author

      Cousin Jill, your comment blesses me so much! My hope and prayer is that worship leaders of ALL generations will be strengthened to serve the Lord in their ministry to Him. Thank you so much for sharing it with your worship team; and how wonderful that your son Matt is serving in that way! What a joy that must bring you! Also, your words of affirmation mean a great deal to me, since they come from a writer I admire very much! :) Blessings back to you!

  • Sara Deffries

    I am so excited that you published this book. I forwarded your website to some worship leaders in Baltimore, Maryland where we attended church. I know that your testimony though your book will inspire many leaders. God Bless you and Pastor Greg!
    – SD

  • Carolyn Roper

    Dear Jeanelle,
    David and I rejoice with you as we see the heart of the Shepherd in you and we know His words through you will bless, inform and encourage many. We have ordered five copies to give away through Idaho Mountain Ministries! Love and big smiles, Carolyn

    • Jeanelle Reider Post author

      Carolyn, you and David have had a deep impact on my heart, and much of what comes through in the book is because of all the years you’ve intentionally poured wisdom and grace into my life. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. And thank you for ordering those copies—I pray they truly encourage each person who reads them. Love and big smiles right back to you!

  • Diane Page

    I am anxious to get your book and see what the Lord has accomplished through you! I have just the person in which to recommend the book. Now I know you will need a little space and rest, but what are your plans next? Are you going to write another book? Has God spoken to you about the next project? I have no doubt that this book will be a stunning success! Praise God.

    • Jeanelle Reider Post author

      Diane, your words of hopefulness are just the buoy I need this week! Thanks for asking what’s next too. Well, I’m doing some writing in the meantime: writing devotionals for an online worship leader subscription website through Tom Kraeuter’s ministry ( And I’m reading books to review in Worship Leader Magazine. And of course a weekly blog! :) Besides these things, I’ll be putting a lot of my focus into getting the word out about this book–emails, Facebook, phone calls, meetings, etc. I have some ideas in mind for future writing IF the Lord leads, but for now I’m holding it all loosely just to see what He will do.

  • Laura

    I am so excited for this book to finally “be out there”! Just being able to attend a workshop on one of the topics (Unity) at a worship conference last February got me excited to hear more! Thank you Jeanelle for writing a truly unique book for worships teams, and thank you Lord for giving her the ability!