A Christmas Love Story 17

Note: Today’s blog provides the context for a Podcast recording of a Christmas story I wrote. Listen to it here. I think you’ll like it. She was 13. He was 17. Too young to date. Too inexperienced to know what they wanted in life. Too immature to even think of building a lasting relationship. […]



Turning Back To Say Thanks 28

Now one of them … turned back,  glorifying God with a loud voice,  and he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him. Luke 17:15-16 1 phone call Been watching my phone for, oh, about four months now. Each time it’s jangled (that popular old-fashioned ring tone that sends half […]

Acquiring a Taste 14

O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him! Psalm 34:8   A philosophy of food My husband ascribes to the tried-and-true philosophy of food choices. Name an eating establishment and he’ll tell you what he orders. Red Robin? Bonsai burger! Texas Roadhouse? Fall-off-the-bone ribs! U-Swirl? Cake […]



Guarded 8

“How’s your heart?” I love asking this question of those close to me, and I love it when they ask it of me. I want others to know I care very much about them,  and I’m honored when they show the same care for me. I love this question. I […]

Trimming The Good Stuff 10

Garden philosophies One summer, I traveled to Europe with Greg and our daughter. Hailing from a state where 150-year-old wagon wheel ruts can impress us, the centuries-old ruins of Europe astounded us. Yet, remarkable though these monuments were, it was the gardens that brought me, personally, the greatest joy. First, […]



Get A Grip 10

How does this thing move? Took our first cable car ride a few weeks ago, my guy and I. Crammed onto the tiny platform at the rear of the car and wrapped our fleecy jackets tight against the chilly gray day, reaching up to grasp the cold metal poles. The conductor operating the […]

My Melody 6

Birdsong It caught me for its otherness. I’d sat there in the park awhile, playful breezes teasing my skin, spring sunshine sweet-talking my spirit. Bird chatter provided a boisterous sound track while I held my pen poised over my journal, listening for the story my Shepherd might write. I closed my eyes and began counting […]

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Mentors 4

It takes a mentor village Easter afternoon with my extended family: 11 tiny kids 10 young adults 6 middle-aged grandparents 1 great-grandpa Little lessons everywhere: No peeking as eggs are hidden Where eggs hide What baskets are for Grasping and pulling apart a slippery plastic sphere Two treats now; the rest for later […]

Praise, For All The Wrong Reasons 12

Hosanna (Save Us Now) But Jesus answered,  “I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!” (Luke 19:37-40)  An unwelcome thought invaded my quietude on Sunday as I listened to the sermon: You know those early disciples—the ones who shouted praise and swung palm branches to hail Jesus as their King? Those same […]



Water, Water Everywhere? 7

The wait I’ve written about it. I’ve given hearty assent to its value. I believe in it. Yet, right now, as I’m living it, I find that my well-formed thoughts can miss their mark; my enthusiastic yes can weaken to a lackluster shrug; my carefully-nurtured faith can wobble some. You see, right […]