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The One Voice That Matters is available for purchase at:





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Mentoring Worship Leaders -- final cover -- 03

Mentoring Worship Leaders:

Now available for purchase!


Check out Jeanelle’s chapter,

“Worship 101”!

In the Treasure Valley Area (hand-delivered by me, no shipping cost):

$12 each (1-2 books)

$10 each (3+ books)

Outside the Treasure Valley Area (shipped to you, no shipping cost in the U.S.)

$14 each (1-2 books)

$12 each (3+books)

Just email me or Facebook Message me with the number of books you’d like to order, and I’ll get them to you right away! (If you order them through the “Worship 101” link above, one book costs $14 plus $5 shipping.)

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