Update: What’s happening with the book?


EditorsPick_2014After two years…

…of praying, planning, pencil-scratching, editing, and plugging away, The One Voice That Matters was published in April 2014.


It is available for purchase here!


And, most recently:

I am so humbly grateful that my book has been listed in Worship Leader Magazine’s “Best of the Best” issue as a 2014 Editor’s Pick.


Now, a little bit about the journey to here:

I completed the second rewrite of my book in September 2013, and as the final page flew off the printer, I listened for a specific directive from my Shepherd. I halfway expected my email alert to ding the arrival of an incoming message:  “Go into downtown Boise, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him, and he will take you to a house where you can prepare for the publication of your book.” Or something like that.


It’s not that I hadn’t been praying and considering options all along. I’d been talking with published authors. I‘d gone to a writers’ conference. I’d met with agents and publishers and self-publishers. I’d done a whole lot of research. I’d begun working on my “Platform.” (Can I just say right here that I really don’t like that word, or even the concept of that word? Yet here it is, having strong-armed its way into the reality of my life as an author.)


I actually went to bed surprised that night. Surprised that no donkey spoke; no strange hand wrote phrases on my wall. I felt like Abraham at the door of his tent, eager to go out to “a place he did not know.” God surely must have told him which direction to point his foot, right? But He wasn’t telling me.


Through a series of events, my husband Greg and I were finally directed to a local publishing company. We came away from our first meeting with them so impressed with their heart for Christ. They spoke effortlessly and sincerely of following the Shepherd and listening to His voice.


So I began my relationship with NCC Publishing. I continue to be thankful for these wise, dedicated, gifted and godly people. Ray, Sharon, Mike, Debbie and Stephanie are amazing! They have been tireless and generous in their efforts to bring this book to as near-perfection as we can get it.


So what’s next?

I have prayed from Day 1 that God would use this book to encourage worship leaders to persevere with a good heart so that their congregations would be blessed. These past few months I’ve been contacting worship leaders, magazines, conferences, worship professors, and everyone I can think of to invite them to take a look at the book and consider it for their ministries. Please pray that God will get it in the hands of those He wants to encourage through it.


Second, you can do lots of things to help this book be used of God:

    1. Buy the book

    2. Talk it up to others (especially to anyone who is involved in worship ministry)

    3. Post reviews under my book title on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, iTunes.com Kobobooks.com, and Goodreads.com (this is super important, as it helps the book gain traction big-time).


I’ll continue to keep you posted along the way!



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