What’s in the book?



The Format


Each chapter is divided into five days of readings. Each day’s reading ends with a devotional for you to work through in conversation with your Shepherd.



The Chapters


Each chapter of the book addresses a specific spiritual challenge worship leaders face and what the Shepherd says about it:



Our Shepherd Speaks

(We just need to listen)

Our Shepherd Speaks Refreshment

(When life–including worship ministry–leaves us spiritually depleted)

Our Shepherd Speaks Perseverance

(When hardships, sin, and opposition make it difficult to worship)

Our Shepherd Speaks Strength

(When we know the right things to do but feel too weak to do them)

Our Shepherd Speaks Humility

(When pride encroaches during a worship service, after a worship service, and throughout the week)

Our Shepherd Speaks Reassurance

(When we feel inadequate to accomplish what He’s asking of us)

Our Shepherd Speaks Identity

(When we are confused by all the voices telling us who we should be and what we should do)

Our Shepherd Speaks Patience

(When progress in ourselves and others feels painfully slow)

Our Shepherd Speaks Submission

(When others do not share the same vision for our church as we do)

Our Shepherd Speaks Community

(When it’s not easy to live as family with our brothers and sisters)

Our Shepherd Speaks Help

(When the task is too great to carry out by ourselves)

Our Shepherd Speaks Thankfulness

(When we need reminding of His faithfulness–past, present, and future)


The Devotionals

Each devotional provides an opportunity to sit awhile and converse with the Shepherd. The questions are divided into four sections:

My life

(Ask your Shepherd to show you things about yourself)

Your Word

 (Ask your Shepherd to speak to you through His Word, the Bible)

Your thought for me

 (Write down one truth your Shepherd impresses on your heart)

My heart before You

(Write down your response to your Shepherd)


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