Why buy “The One Voice That Matters”?

OVTM_front_0320EditorsPick_2014Worship ministry.

Euphoric and energizing, tiresome and trudging. Inspiring at its best, spirit-shrinking at its worst. As worship leaders, we see things in our congregations that both delight and disappoint us; we see things in ourselves that both elate and appall us. God uses fractured and frail people to lead His fractured and frail sheep. This is His way.


If we worship leaders

do not listen to our Shepherd, we’d better not lead His sheep. There is too much at stake:

Worship that brings glory to our Lord

The building up of His people

The unity of the body

The church’s witness

Our own spiritual well-being


As some of those called to “shepherd the flock of God” among us (I Peter 5:2-4), we are merely imperfect undershepherds of the Good Shepherd. When things go well, we are vulnerable to pride and self-sufficiency. When things go awry, we are susceptible to discouragement and cynicism. That’s why we must listen carefully to our Shepherd’s voice, hearing it above all the other voices, including our own.


This book

takes an honest look at some of the spiritual issues worship leaders face and searches Scripture to hear what words our Shepherd speaks in response.

In writing this book, my driving desire is to bolster the courage of worship leaders by reminding them that He does speak and that His words are well worth hearing.


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