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Tom Kraeuter is an author, worship leader, and one of the leading voices on Christian worship. I feel privileged to call him my friend. I first met Tom three years ago when he conducted a worship seminar at our church. A couple of years later, I asked him if he would consider endorsing my book. He not only agreed to endorse it; he also gave me invaluable input and encouragement along the way. His website is chock-full of good resources, including worshipminute.com (a daily thought for worshipers) and worshipministrydevotions.com (a resource for worship leaders and teams, for which I write).


Chad Marvin is a dear friend of mine. I was blessed to serve on the worship team the years he was our church’s worship leader. He loves Jesus, and he loves people. He speaks and lives with authenticity, humbly sharing how God has worked in his life. His voice is beautiful, not only because of its richness but because of the heart that propels it. His website is a great place to find thoughtful posts, and a good starting place to check out his music and his ministry.


Rory Noland is a well-respected author and worship leader. I emailed him before I started writing my book, asking if he liked the idea of the book. His enthusiastic response the next day was one of the encouragements God gave me to begin this endeavor. After I wrote Chapter 1, Greg and I met with Rory in Chicago where he gave me insightful suggestions which I took to heart for the remainder of the chapters. The resources and articles on his website are invaluable for anyone involved in worship ministry.



B.D. Riehl is as refreshingly authentic in her writing as she is in person. Her pictures make me smile; her journey makes me think. She’s also written a book, The Earth Is Full. This story about hope, rescue, and redemption follows the lives of three women, one of whom is a young Thai victim of human trafficking. It’s an important story. I encourage you to read it.


Dave and Sarah Jenkins are new friends of mine. In the short time I’ve known them, I’ve come to appreciate their transparency and their generosity.  Dave’s website discusses strong truths, yet with gentleness and reasonableness.


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