What’s inspiring ME: Music

Tim Timmons, Cast My Cares.

On this album, the song “Great Reward” is the cry of my heart right now as I’m trusting God to bring whatever fruit He desires from my book. At the National Worship Leaders Conference in Kansas City this past July, Greg and I were privileged to be led in worship by Tim. His raw honesty and vulnerability comes through clearly through his unique voice (which I love).  This man has an honest and vulnerable relationship with his fellow worshipers that must come from a humble heart open to hearing his Shepherd’s voice.


All Sons and Daughters (self-titled).

On this album, the song “Christ Be All Around Me,” taken from an ancient Celtic prayer, is what I want to be true every moment of my life. Every single song on this album is poignantly beautiful, and the harmonies of this duo are lush and astonishingly in-synch. These two are made to sing together, and I could listen to them all day.


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