Why "Inspiration" Pages?

Listening to our creative God


Our Shepherd is creative, and He is surprising. He speaks to us through any means He chooses, always through the filter of His Word and His Spirit.


When I read a book or listen to a song or follow a blog, I try to keep my ears open to what He might be saying to me in the moment. When He speaks, sometimes it’s a word of encouragement; other times it’s a word of challenge or conviction.


Always, it’s a word that moves me closer to His likeness.


You and me (click on the pages below)


On these pages, let’s share with each other some of the books and articles, music, and social media that our Shepherd has used to inspire us lately. I’ll share with you what’s inspiring me:


And I hope you’ll share what’s inspiring you:


You can find your comments, and the comments of others, here: