Not quite a blog 2

imageI’m taking a break from writing and blogging this week. No pencil-scratching or keyboard-clacking; no word-smithing or phrase-turning for me!

But I’m not taking a break from talking to my Shepherd and listening for His response.

This morning, I laid my book (The One Voice That Matters) in His hands yet again, praying a prayer that served as a timely reminder to myself: “This isn’t my book—never has been. As I enter this season of polishing and promoting, it feels more than ever like it belongs to me because of the focus this season demands. But it doesn’t belong to me, not a bit of it. It’s Yours.”

I opened my hands (literally) and handed it to Him for the umpteenth time.

So this isn’t a blog, really. (My guy calls it a “blip”; he makes me laugh.) Basically, it’s a request and an invitation.

First, it’s a request that you pray for God’s will to be done regarding my book, if God puts it on your heart to pray.

Second, it’s an invitation for you to share anything you’d like prayer for this week. If you share, I promise to pray. I have no doubt that some of the others who read it will pray as well.

I look forward to hearing how to pray for you! But whether you share or not, I pray that you are able to hear the good things your Shepherd’s wise and tender voice speaks to you this week.

Check back next Tuesday for a “real” blog! :)

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2 thoughts on “Not quite a blog

  • melissa stadtlander

    Beautiful “blip” He is giving you!! Be so blessed as you sit and soak in all the beauty of His amazing creation singing over you! Praying diligently and fervently for God to do great things with your book, for His will to be your heart’s desire! You open hands and heart, humble and honest before Him encourages me so much! Just to know He is so present and listening and that He takes everything we hand Him and carries it to HIs heart! I would love prayer for my husband and I as we wait anxiously for college letters to arrive for our daughter! (pray for her too! :) ) For Him to prepare our hearts for what His will is for her as she soon starts this next chapter of life and all that is involved in that! I am claiming Ps. 37:4, knowing that whatever He brings for her, for us, for you- it will be exactly what is best for us all! Even if it looks different or isn’t what we thought would be best, we can rest in simply knowing that He does all things well and no good thing does He withhold! Listening with you…

    • Jeanelle Reider Post author

      Melissa, thank you so much for praying that His desires will be mine in this book process. I know that is exactly the prayer you and your husband and daughter have been praying all along for yourselves as well, as you wait for colleges to get back to you. I can’t think of a better place for any of us to be, because what God has for us is always so much better than we could ask or think to ask for ourselves. Praying with you, and waiting with you. So honored to do so, and so glad you are doing the same for me!